It started off in the very first email invite to meet up: “This came on as an idea to connect the Aromatherapists here in Singapore and to support each other in our profession and Aromatherapy studies. “

There were 11 of us on that memorable day of 16th June 2018. 

It’s memorable because there is no other group that would have eyes lighted up as ours did when words such as “essential oils”, “Aromatherapy”, “healing”, “plants”, “Nature” are spoken.

It’s memorable because there was a genuine, heartfelt connection from one to another – a quiet understanding of what’s growing and what we want to see taking roots in Singapore and in the region.

We wanted people to understand more about what Aromatherapy can do. We wanted more support for Aromatherapists as a profession. We wanted a community for us to grow in and assist each other. We wanted to improve the standards of Aromatherapy here.

It’s momentous because a seed was planted that day.

The seed that is now proudly known as the “Holistic Aromatherapy Association of Singapore”.

“Small acts, when multiplied, can transform the world” – Howard Zinn


Leading high standards of practice of Aromatherapy in Singapore and the region.

  • To improve standards and practice of Aromatherapy in Singapore
  • To create a community of support for Aromatherapy practitioners
  • To create awareness on the benefits to the practice of Aromatherapy in the region