Intro: Aromatherapy

What is Aromatherapy?

Simply put, Aromatherapy is using essential oils to heal the body and mind. This begs the question of what are then, essential oils? 

Many words have been used to describe essential oils and perhaps the most apt description would be that essential oils form the very essence of a plant. You can think of it as the spirit or personality of the plant.

When you are enjoying the aroma of an essential oil, you are also enjoying the hard work of the many farmers around the world growing these plants, harvesting them in the wild, distilling and bottling them carefully to be distributed into your hands today. 

How do I use Aromatherapy?

There are a variety of ways to use Aromatherapy and one of the most popular ways is of course, to diffuse in your home. You can just start by picking an essential oil you love! Add 5-10 drops of essential oils into the diffuser filled with water and enjoy it for the next 30 to 60 minutes!

Another great way to enjoy Aromatherapy is to apply topically. Add in 5-6 drops of skin nourishing essential oils like Lavender, Frankincense  into 28ml (1oz) of vegetable oil such as coconut oil. It is moisturizing, lovely to the skin!

How does using Aromatherapy benefit me?

An outstanding fact when you are diffusing essential oils in your home is that you simply feel good! Feeling good has its ripple effects; from a better sense of well being, to feeling calm, to feeling energetic. It can have tremendous therapeutic influence on both the physical and mental.

Is there research behind Aromatherapy?

Absolutely, we have been fortunate there have been more interests in this area of late. 

Here are some that you can read more on:

On sleep and anxiety:

On antimicrobial activity:

What are Aromatherapists?

Aromatherapists are individuals trained in the study and practical usage of Aromatherapy to improve health and well being of people. An Aromatherapist works with you holistically, taking into account your current health situation and ensuring safety of usage for you.

If you are looking to use Aromatherapy for your health (Aromatherapy is complementary to all types of modalities), check in with our directory of practitioners here in Singapore and around the region. 

Here are Aromatherapy-related businesses that are registered with HAAS, have a look here!