As a member of HAAS, we uphold 3 key values:

  • I consult based on our level of knowledge and understanding of Aromatherapy & health
  • I am not to diagnose, prescribe unless we have the license to do so.
  • I refrain from plagiarising, stealing of information, copying from others and passing of as our own
  • I refrain from misinforming or make untrue claims of what Aromatherapy can do
  • Provide services within the scope of our training and will not employ techniques that are outside of my training, my area of understanding, 
  • I will acknowledge my limitations, advise and recommend appropriate healthcare providers to client
Commitment to Client First
  • I will give recommendations with my client’s best interests in mind, keeping the client’s well being front and centre in everything I do.
  • I will treat client according to holistic principles, recommending treatment according to client’s needs
  • Client’s safety is of utmost importance; I will not recommend treatments that are unsafe and put client’s health at risk
  • I keep myself updated on latest developments on safety and Aromatherapy research
  • I demonstrate highest quality and professionalism in how I conduct myself when meeting with clients, blending for clients and representing HAAS.
  • I provide client with consent/disclosure forms during consults together with information that includes my training, my certification, my scope of work and my limits and expectations of a practitioner 
  • I uphold client’s confidentiality 
  • I will not advise client on taking essential oils internally unless I am a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist trained in Ingestion of Essential Oils due to potential safety risks involved
  • I will reserve neat usage of essential oils only after evaluation of all possible methods unless absolutely necessary while at the same time acknowledging the risks that may be involved and keeping sustainability of the environment in mind.
Community Driven
  • I willingly share my experience, knowledge and latest research with fellow members
  • I participate in HAAS with building a strong engaged community of Aromatherapists in mind
  • My actions are those that are centered around improving the standards of Aromatherapy
  • I support practitioners at all times; my actions do not condemn, criticize other fellow practitioners in the presence of clients and other laypersons.
  • I treat practitioners with kindness and respect